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Dust Suppression – Nelson Big Guns

The rugged durability of Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers makes them a favorite for mining dust suppression. Big Guns are preferred because of the ability to move a large amount of water in a short time. The large nozzle is less likely to plug and the filtration requirements are minimal. All bearings on the gun are sealed ball bearings. Some sprinklers are mounted on high towers in order to throw over the piles. Alternatively, a high trajectory Big Gun sprinkler (fixed 43° and adjustable 15°-45° models available) can achieve the necessary stream height to reduce tower height and clear the top of the piles. A clear winner in the fight to control fugitive dust issues for tailing dams, heavy haul roads, stockpiles, aggregate terminal, erosion control and air quality.

Dust suppresion mining solutions WAGrundfos Pumps

We use quality Grundfos Pumps on large Mines to ensure durability & efficiency. With expertise advise to meet your every requirement for a reliable pump solution for surface, open pit and underground mining. Grundfos pumps are built to last – even under the toughest working conditions. With a wide variety of Pump Selection avaiable to you call us to discuss the best option for your company today. (08) 9209 3330

Mining pumps grundfos WAIron Filtration

Land & Water Technology specialise in Iron Filtration & Removal. From Schools, Councils & Parks to large scale Industrial Mining Operations located throughout Rural & Regional Western Australia.

Iron is a common water contaminant. It can be difficult to remove because it may change its valence state that is change from the water soluble ferrous state (Fe2+) to the insoluble Ferric State (Fe3+). When Oxygen or an oxidizing agent is introduced, ferrous states changes to ferric which is insoluble and it precipitates, leading to a rusty (red – brown) appearance in water. This change can occur when deep well water is pumped into a distribution system where it adsorbs oxygen. Ferric iron has to be removed before it destroys valves, piping all other water treatment equipment and water-using devices.

Iron Filtration

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