Land & Water Technology specialise in bore water Iron Filtration & Iron Removal from Schools, Councils & Parks to large scale Industrial Mining & Agriculture Operations located throughout Metro & Regional Western Australia. Our team of bore water Iron Filtration experts have over 10+ years’ experience treating Iron from bore water and preventing future iron related problems.

Iron is a common water contaminant in Western Australia. It can be difficult to remove because it may change its valence state that is change from the water soluble ferrous state (Fe2+) to the insoluble Ferric State (Fe3+). When Oxygen or an oxidizing agent is introduced, ferrous states changes to ferric which is insoluble and it precipitates, leading to a rusty (red – brown) appearance in water and surrounds. This change can occur when deep well water is pumped into a distribution system where it adsorbs oxygen. Ferric iron has to be removed before it destroys valves, piping all other water treatment equipment and water-using devices.

*Individual results may vary from bore location, water quality and other contaminants.

Land & Water Technology specialises in chemical-free iron filtration & iron removal systems from bore water throughout Perth, WA.

  • Iron Removal
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Sediments
  • Turbidity
  • Low operational costs
  • Chemical free process
  • Reliable systems
  • On-going service and accountability
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centres
  • Parks
  • Nurseries
  • Government Projects
  • Villages
  • Councils
  • Farms
  • Mining

Land & Water Technology have developed a unique, chemical free iron filtration system which removes iron from groundwater throughout Perth, WA. Our iron filter systems start from a single 20″ tank system up to a 63″ 6 tank system depending on the amount of iron concentration found in the bore water. Our team of iron filtration experts build the complete systems locally at our warehouse in Perth, transport and install the systems anywhere in WA. Enjoy peace of mind as the complete systems are built, installed and managed inhouse from our team of bore water iron removal experts.


When there are high levels of iron in water, you will see this from the black and red stains left by the minerals. These stains accumulate and build up deposits in pipes and the areas around it. You often see paving, concrete, garden walls etc stained with this mineral which has not been treated. Often untreated iron can cause significant damages to the surrounding areas over time. Replacing these damaged areas can be an expensive and short term solution which will result in the same damages from the iron over time. The iron in the water can lead to environmental damage of the surrounding areas to nature, trees and wildlife. The iron damage in the area can affect the integrity of assets, including; playground equipment, benches, structures, poles, buildings and more. Iron may also stain clothes washed in iron-rich water and plumbing fixtures such as basins and toilet bowls. These rust stains resist cleaning with soaps, detergents and bleach.


Iron typically comes from the rocks and soils around the water source. As water moves through the rocks and into the aquafer, it dissolves the iron that is naturally found in the environment.

Iron is the metal that is most abundant on Earth and is therefore very common in soils and groundwater. Dissolved iron occurs naturally in groundwater in concentrations of up to around 50 mg/L. Iron salts become increasingly soluble as groundwater becomes more acidic. In oxygen deprived and acidic groundwater (with a pH below 5), iron concentrations of between 1 and 20 mg/L are common (usually as stable carbonates). Iron is normally found dissolved in groundwater in the reduced ferrous form (Fe2+) and oxidises to relatively insoluble ferric form (Fe3+) when the pH of groundwater (alkalinity) is raised and it is exposed to oxygen in the air.

When acidic iron-rich groundwater is extracted and mixes with air, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg gas) is frequently released, the pH rises and the iron is deposited as ferric hydroxide (rust) on any flat surface as water evaporates. Over time this oxide coating builds up causing discolouration particularly to light-coloured surfaces.

Iron may also be naturally present in groundwater as slimy, sometimes foul smelling bacteria filaments (such as Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans). These bacteria are harmless, unlikely to settle out, and discolour the water brown, often with an oily sheen.

Iron deposits and iron bacteria may cause encrustations and blockage problems in irrigation systems, especially those that rely on small orifices for pressure control or delivery via water drippers. Iron scale may also affect heat transfer in hot water systems.

Iron staining is unsightly, but shouldn’t cause serious harm to plants, animals or humans or structural damage. With high concentrations of iron (more than 20 mg/L) some plants with iron staining may experience a reduction in photosynthesis and vigour.


Acidic iron-rich groundwater is often found in the water-table close to present or past wetlands where organic carbon and sulfides are prevalent; the water table is shallow and contains little or no dissolved oxygen. Prior to drilling a well, it is wise to check with neighbours to see if they have experienced iron problems with their bore water. Old or damaged galvanised steel pipe-work may add to iron staining problems as acidic waters attack pipe walls.

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The Natural Area nursery produces up to 1 million native plants per annum. For many years we battled to achieve best plant quality and maintain irrigation efficiency due to a high incidence of iron in our water. After working with various water industry operators and methods of filtration, we engaged Land & Water Technology to establish a high volume automated iron filtration system. This system has performed above our expectations, resulting in superb quality water and reliable operation. Land and Water operate a professional business and their water engineering team are hands on, knowledgeable and responsive. We have found Land & Water to be highly competitive in their tenders and importantly they are forthright and honest in advice and business dealings.
David H
Natural Area WA
I would like to compliment your organization for recent work carried out at one of our aged care homes “Mertome Village” with the installation of a commercial Bore Filtration System. I found dealing with every member of your company to be very professional, with prompt replies and it being a great customer experience. All task and extra work discussed throughout this project was completed and trustworthy advice given from Louis and Lucas being followed through. I’m am very happy with the finished product, the site has been left in a very clean state and the handover was very thorough. Please accept my sincere thanks and I look forward to doing business with your company in the very near future.
Geoff M
Hall & Prior Aged Care

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