Iron filtration

Iron Filtration & Iron Removal

Iron is a common water contaminant. It can be difficult to remove because it may change its valence state that is change from the water soluble ferrous state (Fe2+) to the insoluble Ferric State (Fe3+). When Oxygen or an oxidizing agent is introduced, ferrous states changes to ferric which is insoluble and it precipitates, leading to a rusty (red – brown) appearance in water. This change can occur when deep well water is pumped into a distribution system where it adsorbs oxygen. Ferric iron has to be removed before it destroys valves, piping all other water treatment equipment and water-using devices.


Land & Water Technology specialises in chemical-free iron filtration & iron removal systems.


Filtration of:

  • Remove Iron
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Sediments
  • Turbidity

Land & Water Technology Iron Filtration Advantages:

  • Low operational costs
  • Chemical free process
  • Media replacement every 5 – 7 years

*Individual results may vary from bore location, water quality and other contaminants.



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